This is a good session if you would like guidance on identifying and setting your intentions. (60 minutes)

Manifesting with emotions and visualization.
If you would like to learn my technique for manifesting, this is a good session. You will receive guidance and practices you can do on your own. Knowing your intentions is advised for this session, as we will be working with specifics. (60 minutes)

Shadow work.
Identify main areas for healing. Get ready to go deep. Only book this session if you are ready to face aspects of yourself that you have been avoiding. The goal with this shadow work is to identify aspects of yourself that need tender, loving care. We don’t banish the shadow. We learn to understand and work with it for the ultimate purpose of integration. I am not a therapist or medical professional. Please ensure that you have someone to reach out to if this work triggers you. (60 minutes)

Coffee with Maré.
If you would like a sounding board to work through something, this is a great fit. We can sit around my “fire” and see what comes through for you. Bring your favorite beverage. It does not have to be coffee. ☺️ (30 minutes or 60 minutes)

You can view my session rates on the booking link.


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