Cord cutting ritual – specific cord.
If you know of a stubborn cord that needs to be cut and transmuted, this is a good fit. I use candles in this ritual. If you are ready to let something or someone go, this is a beautiful practice. Outcomes vary. The cord might be successfully severed, or we might gain information as to why this cord is not budging. (60 minutes).

Cord cutting and energy clearing.
General release and transmutation of energetic cords no longer serving. Think of it as a spring-clean for your energy body. I use my pendulum and energy transmutation for this session. (60 minutes).

Burning bowl ceremony – the release and transmutation of energy.
This involves the practice of writing and burning. If you are ready to release some things from your life, this session is a beautiful way to do that. I will also teach you this method so you can do it on your own. (60 minutes).


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