About Mare

Hi. I’m Maré. Welcome to my cyber home!

I am a certified spiritual life coach with a special interest in authenticity. I use many modalities in my practice. The main ones are coaching, energetic alchemy, cartomancy, rune casting and intuitive alchemical spell-work. I love to bring ceremony and ritual into the world.

I live in deep reverence of life. I see the beauty and purpose in all things. I have been blessed with spiritual gifts, and show up in service for my tribe. People find me at specific points in their lives when the Medicine that flows through me can do its work for them.

I live in South Africa. I am married to the love of my life and we have two amazing and gifted daughters. We still want to kill each other every now and then, but we are each other’s greatest teachers. I also adore my fur-babies! We have a rescue cat, Luca, who is a most discerning not-so-gentleman. Daisy, our elder, is a wise and gentle spaniel lady. And Sage, our dachshund, is an agent of destruction and chaos! But we love her to bits. She has brought so much disruption into our lives, but apparently we like to shake things up. Her favorite pass time is destroying my husband’s bath sponges. She also goes by Spirit Doggy, as she loves to spend time with me while I practice.

I am shamelessly authentic, dance around the fire during new or full moons and live my life with wild abandon and a blatant disregard of other people’s opinions or expectations while I am being my weird, witchy self. This is a far cry from who I used to be.

I was mentally and physically ill. I was a chronic people pleaser with a tendency to give way more than I received. Even if it was to my detriment. I had no boundaries. I said yes to things I really didn’t want to do. I said no to things I really wanted, but was frowned upon by society, for fear of being unlikable or rejected. It took a major life event to wake me up. I finally (and maybe a little bit reluctantly) embraced my spiritual journey. I learned, I failed, I lost hope, I regained hope, I fell down and got back up. There was nothing special about me. I hated myself and my life.

It wasn’t until one day I decided that I was not going to hate myself, my body or my life anymore. That I would accept myself for being who I was, exactly as I was (dangerously overweight, ill, depressed and stuck in a job that drained me). It was hard! And then the magic started happening.

Through this unconditional acceptance of myself, spirituality unfolded before me. Bit by bit, sometimes infuriatingly slow. I learned how to let go (honestly, I am given the opportunity to practice this regularly until this day). I opened myself up to Spirit/Source/The Divine/God (whichever resonates with you). The rest is history.

Today I have a burning passion for authenticity. For me, it was a process of unbecoming who I was so I could become who I am. I have walked the walk. I walk it still today and will until the end of this lifetime. By walking this path, I hold space for people to step into their true, authentic selves too. I am here to help guide you to your truest self. Each of us have unique gifts just waiting to reveal themselves. I want to help you unlock yours so you can spread the light wherever you go. So you too can ignite others. The Great Ripple Effect.

Last thing. By noooo means do I have it all figured out. I am still integrating shadows and detangling hot messes. I am learning every day. I am failing too, but I learned how to fail FORWARD. By living my life in alignment with my soul purpose (or as close as I can humanly get to it), I bring more peace and harmony to situations that made the old me want to give up. Also note that, in being authentically me, I do tend to use “colorful” language. Please roll with it!

Join me on this journey to finding yourself. I will be your biggest hype girl along the way. Together we rise.

May you always walk in beauty.



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