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“I have been around a long time and had various readings throughout my life. Maré’s reading was the most “spot on” reading I have had. Maré intuitively confirmed where I am on my spiritual journey. At times, it is easy for me to doubt that all my experiences are real, but Maré confirmed it all, without any suggestion from me. In addition, she advised me on many matters, and I held confidence in her because I can feel her Divine connection. She used different means, like cards and channeling Guides. All and all, I can see her as a resource for ongoing coaching and counselling, and I am not new to the spiritual journey. Thank you Maré, you really helped me.”

Sana H.

“If you don’t get your head out of your ass, you will never see pigs fly!” Expert advice that really resonated with me in relation to the topic at hand. My session with Maré was full of wisdom and lively insights! And I especially love that Maré didn’t hold back on saying what needed to be said. She is a phenomenal reader, divinely connected, and speaks her truths. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her…if you are on the fence about it…take this testimonial as your sign to DO IT, schedule your session!”

Valorie L.

Kansas City, MO, USA

“Maré’s reading was EXACTLY what I needed! She was able to communicate the messages so clearly and in ways that stuck in my mind so I can continue to call on the information. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Ari H.

Denver, CO, USA

“Maré  is truly gifted. She was able to fully tap into my energy and pick up on the struggles I was going through without me having to say a word. She was compassionate and kind while also providing the honest insight she was given to tell me what I NEEDED to hear. I felt truly comfortable and at ease in her presence.”

Charity M.

Parker, CO, USA

“My reading with Maré was powerful to say the least. I would say that she goes in deep and brings out nuggets of gold for her clients. She is a Phenomenal Conduit for Source. What a beautiful eye opening time together. We (Maré and myself) both witnessed my Acceptance Ceremony of my Trusted Spiritual Gifts.

Maré helped to usher me into my next ‘level up’ and for that I am very grateful. Maré gave me the confirmation I was waiting for. She comes from a place of kindness and love and is excited to share the messages she receives. My reading was thought provoking, moving and so enjoyable. Thank you for allowing me to share my gratitude regarding my personal experience.”

Jacqueline F.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

“My reading with Maré was so very powerful! It was refreshing to take a moment for myself, to reconnect in ceremony with the Divine. Maré’s reading was spot on in honesty and grace, it was absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your gifts from the other side of the world with me!”

Sophia C.

Denver, CO, USA

“I recently had a reading with Maré and it was one of the best readings I have ever had! It was an incredible experience full of love and Divine energy.  She is so clear and accurate with the messages. Her energy is very kind and loving. Her intuition is remarkable and her ability to receive messages from Spirit is amazing.

If you are ready to receive clear messages from Spirit that challenge you and encourage you to open more to being who you truly are, then I highly recommend Maré.  She will give you an enlightening and informative reading.”

Laurie H.

Denver, CO, USA
About Mare

Hi. I’m Maré. Welcome to my cyber home!

I am a certified spiritual life coach with a special interest in authenticity. I use many modalities in my practice. The main ones are coaching, energetic alchemy, cartomancy, rune casting and intuitive alchemical spell-work. I love to bring ceremony and ritual  into the world.

I live in deep reverence of life. I see the beauty and purpose in all things. I have been blessed with spiritual gifts, and show up in service for my tribe. People find me at specific points in their lives when the Medicine that flows through me can do its work for them.

I live in South Africa. I am married to the love of my life and we have two amazing and gifted daughters. We still want to kill each other every now and then, but we are each other’s greatest teachers.

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